TIL: Human Japanese 33


Go figure. Last chapter was 38 pages, and this one is only 5! I’m starting to get thirsty for finishing this app, so let’s forget the blathering for tonight and just dive in. Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 32 Pt.2


The little dude was sick today. It meant I took time off work, and he didn’t want to do anything except cling to me all day. He watched some cartoons while I played Pokémon Yellow. I also discovered, that he happily would sit in my lap and pay attention if I played Influent. And I must say, I needed a refresher. I now have flower pot はち memorized for reals though. Enough rambling! Back on the express train to counting! Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 32 Pt.1


Hot damn, this is a long chapter! I can’t manage it all in one go, so I’m going to break this one up into two blog posts. I took a brief look at counting before. There are lots/heaps/piles/a ton/myriad/plenty/a good deal/a plethora/copious amounts/a cornucopia/a deluge/bountiful/loads/masses/stacks/profuse numbers of counters, so this will by no means be a quick thing to learn. But then, I guess, English wasn’t learned overnight either. Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 30 & 31


I love getting some spare time to study 🙂
Chapter 30 is on が and asking who, why, and how. While Chapter 31 is a small blurb on how Japan is expensive, but you can still enjoy it if you live there temporarily (how nice!) Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 29


It’s been a rough week between getting caught up in Pokémania and… well… the rest of life being just plain old busy. So here it is 10:31pm on a Friday night. I just finished having some dinner and I figure now is a good time to crack open (is that the right term for apps?) Human Japanese and do some more learning. This Chapter is more verb work, and will be making use of を. Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 27,28


Still making some headway through Human Japanese during my lunch breaks, this is the accumulated notes from the past three days! Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 26


After meeting up for lunch with an old friend on Thursday, I wasn’t left with much time to study. But with my lunch waiting and ready for me today, I was able to work through chapter 26! There were lots of proper nouns in this chapter, as it was all about family relationships. At least I knew enough going into it, to know that ビッグブラザー is not a proper word to describe your big brother 😉 Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 25


Not as quick of a chapter as what I worked through on Tuesday, but I did manage to at least push one more chapter despite working a 13.5 hour day. What did I do after finishing a work day? わたしはうちにきました。 And that, is a sentence constructed with に, which I learned in Chapter 25. Read More >

TIL: Human Japanese 22,23,24


Nothing says enjoyable lunch break like learning another language! I’ve got loads more books that I want to get through this year, so it’s time to pick up the pace and start putting this one to rest. Managed to get through three chapters today, though that’s partially due to chapter 22 containing just a small blurb meant to excite you about speaking Japanese. Read More >

日本語で Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Part: 3


I’m actually making better progress playing games than I thought I would this year. Rocketbirds is shaping up to be the 9th game I’ll have played through start to finish this year. It helps that I chose ones that could be finished in under 10 hours each (for the most part). But I’ve got heaps more things on my to-do list that I want to get done this year, so I’ve got to hurry up and get this game off my plate 🙂 Read More >