The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 1.02 – Star Wars

Rolling further in to the new year with some random Star Wars talk? Sure, why not.

After rounding out last year with some on-topic discussions of recent happenings and some reminiscence of the year in gaming, this week we visit the business of Star Wars sequels and prequels, and do our take on the topic that everyone has talked over to death: “Where were you when Episode 1 came out?”. Or, more accurately, “Why were all the prequels so bad?”

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 1.01 – What Did We Play in 2016?

Hello again, faithful. So the end of the year is finally upon us, and it’s time to reflect on all of our gaming exploits throughout 2016. Not the hottest selection of games from Matt (Parenting! Thank you!) but Stephen has done a pretty respectable job of fitting in some good time for a variety of gaming delights. This time around, our conversation focuses on the games we finished, the games we didn’t, and our favorites from the year.

Stephen has a well documented list of respectable length while Matt’s finished games selection can be counted on one hand. Read More >

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 1.00 – It’s a New Year! (But Also Still 2016!)

This is not actually from the new year's fireworks (shhhhh)

It’s a New Year, it’s a New Season! It’s us catching up for the first time in a couple of weeks!

In this week’s Gamecast we catch up on our holiday adventures, hangouts, and loot. Steve’s back from a short apartment hunting trip and about to embark of his family’s big move and Matt was inspired to play some of his Kickstarted boardgames. Did you find any good gaming deals over the holidays? Did anyone get you something particularly awesome? Let us know!

So Long 2016!

Well, another year has come and gone and in the time it took us to orbit the sun, I got up to a good deal of gaming! I’ve been pretty active this year on my blog as far as attempting to study both Japanese and C++, but when I wasn’t up to education I was for the most part either parenting, working, podcasting, or gaming. While the kiddo naps, lets take a moment to brag about our (my) nerdiness! Read More >

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 0.10 – Kickstarter and Crowdfunding Musings

Kickstarter logo

Cheers faithful ones!

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic holiday! We took some time off to visit with family and relax, and so this time around we’re pulling an unreleased podcast from our vault to discuss our backing histories on Kickstarter, as well as our general attitudes and experience with crowdfunding.

We aren’t extensive Kickstarter enthusiasts, but we have supported a somewhat diverse set of projects, and we toyed around with the idea of launching our own Kickstarter during our indie game dev days. As always, general chatter about games and what we’ve been playing creeps in a bit (certainly a happy addition to any serious conversation).

If you’re looking for talk of holiday grabs and gaming, then you’ll have to stay tuned for next time!

TIL: Learn to Code in C++ by Developing Your First Game (Section 4, Lectures 105-109)

Unreal Course Learn to Code C++ by Developing Your First Game lecture 109

It’s time for the Holidays! I’m off work for a bit while I deal with… you know… the winter holidays and all that that entails. I’m also going to be moving to Montréal in about a week [!!?] so basically… I’ve got a little bit of time to take care of myself! I’ll get to an end-of-year update in the near future, but in the meantime, I’d really like to do a little bit of UE4. It looks like there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish going through Section 4 by the end of year, but that’s what happens when life steam rolls your to-do-list 🙂 Read More >

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 0.09 – Back from Japan and Black Friday

Matt's Famicom Collection

Hey Paisanos!

Matt’s back from Japan and Steve’s back from Black Friday shopping. That’s right, this podcast is actually coming a little later than recorded, but with Matt galavanting around the world who can blame us?

The gaming gods have provided a bountiful harvest this year and in this episode we discuss some of our recent aquisitions. It’s mostly a 40 minute geek out session about the marvelous physical media Matt got his mitts on in the land of the rising sun, and all the things Steve said he wasn’t going to buy this year that he picked up anyways.

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 0.08 – Gaming Regions Past and Present

Ever been frustrated that you can’t play your imported game on your domestic console? Ever have troubles with your Nintendo account because you now live in a country different than when you created the account? Ever experience the wonderful joy of scouring the internet to find a work-around for your region-locking blues?

In this episode, we discuss the woes we’ve faced as global nomads and avid game-geeks, including issues with online accounts, region locking on portable systems, importing international gems, hardware compatibility, and the like.

TIL: Learn to Code in C++ by Developing Your First Game (Section 4, Lectures 100-104)

Hooooooooo boy. Well, I’ve been rather busy for the past two months. When I’m not at work I’ve been making a podcast, buying video games like a mad man, playing with my two year old, and preparing for a move to Montréal. Speaking of the podcast, we missed an upload this week but fear not… that’s not the end of the podcast, it’s simply a result of files that didn’t get saved correctly. There’s still more on the way!

In regards to learning C++… the year is almost over, and I don’t think I’m going to manage to finish everything in my to-do list (I have 90 more videos to go in this series I’m learning from) but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up just yet. The kid is napping, so it’s time to resume my studies. Read More >

The Vagabond Gamecast Ep: 0.07 – Working in Games: Aspiration and Reality

In this episode, we discuss our long term career plans and impressions of what it means to work in the game industry. We touch on some of the challenges involved considering our plights as parents of young children, and contrast our respective chosen career paths as one who’s taken the plunge and works in games versus one who’s gone the risk-averse, stable route of a more traditional software/hardware development job. Adult stuff, folks!

Speaking of work… not much in terms of gaming this time. Life gets in the way like that.