TIL: Human Japanese Ch:16/17, Pimsleur 1-14

I just spent like two hours looking into keto diets, because I find myself being semi-obsessed with going to the gym and trying to get back down to a healthy weight. But I think that now that I’ve done that much reading… I’m both a: convinced that it’s a great concept and it works, and b: convinced that I don’t have the time or patience to learn anything more about it. Every food item I looked into has more protein than fat, and I just can’t see a way to balance out the dietary budget to get the ratio I need without straight-up drinking heavy cream. And forget that. I’m just going to have to continue going to the gym, and trying not to eat too much candy and bread and hopefully things just work out.

In the meantime:

I’ve been practicing hiragana and katakana using Obenkyo. I’m getting decent at recognizing katakana now, and passable at writing hiragana. I need to get better at both and then better at writing katakana. It’s funny how I can recognize the letters, but cannot for the life of me recall the shapes well enough to draw them from memory. I imagine kanji will be a huge pain in the ass for me.

Human Japanese Ch:16

This chapter covers nothing but the concept that trains are great in Japan. They’re really proud of their 新幹線 (bullet train).

Human Japanese Ch:17


Things like sushi, and yakitori are pretty much already in my vocabulary, but there’s a good number of these I haven’t heard before.

たべもの – food
わしょく – japanese food
ようしょく – western food
すし – sushi
さしみ – sashimi
わさび – wasabi
しょうゆ – soy sauce
てんぷら – tempura
す – vinegar
やきとり – chicken skewer
チキン – chicken (despite being a load word, it refers specifically to the food, not the animal)
さかな – fish (can refer to either the food or the living animal)

やさい – vegetables
いも – potato
トマト – tomato
レタス – lettuce
にんじん – carrot
にんにく – garlic
ねぎ – green onion
たまねぎ – onion
たまご – egg

くだもの – fruit
りんご – apple
ぶどう – red grape
マスカツト – green grape
レモン – lemon
オレンジ – orange
みかん – tangerine
なし – asian pear
いちご – strawberry
すいか – watermelon
ファストフード – fast food
ハンバーグ – Hamburg Steak (Salisbury Steak)
ハンバーガー – Burger
フライポテト – French Fries
マクドナルド – McDonald’s (often shortened to マック)
モスバーガー – Mos Burger

のみもの – beverage
ぎゅうにゅう – milk
ミルクセーキ – milk shake
オレンジジュース – orange juice
レモネード – lemonade
さけ – sake
ビール – beer
ワイン – wine

あさ – morning
ひる – noon
ばん – evening
ごはん – rice
しょくじ – meal
あさごはん – breakfast
ひるごはん – lunch
ばんごはん – dinner

すき – like
きらい – dislike
だいすき – big like(love)
だいきらい – big dislike(hate)
~がすきです – so-and-so likes ~
~がきらいです – so and so dislikes ~
いちばん – number one
~がいちばんすきです – so and so’s favourite is~

わたしはハンバーガーがすきです。 – I like hamburgers.
まりこさんはすしがきらいです。 – Mariko-san doesn’t like sushi.
チキンがすきではありません。 – I don’t like chicken.
ビールがすきではありませんか。 – Don’t you like beer?
にほんがすきでした。 – I liked Japan.
にんじんがだいきらいです。 – I hate carrots.
あなたがだいすいです。 – I love you.

やさいがすきです。 – I like vegetables.
きんじんがいちばんすきです。 – I like carrots best.
くだものがすきです。 – I like fruit
いちごがいちばんすきです – I like strawberries best.

やさいがきらいです – I dislike vegetables
たまねぎがいちばんきらいです。 – I hate onions the worst
ふゆがきらいです。 – I dislike winter
にがつがいちばんきらいです。 – I hate February the most.

Pimsleur 1-14

And of course the Pimsleur vocabulary compounds to my exhaustion, but luckily it wasn’t so bad today, just one new word combined with a lot of attempting to recall past phrases.

たくさん - 沢山 - many/much
すこし - 少し - few/little
つぎのかいわをきいてください - please listen to the following conversation
きいてくりかえしてください - listen and repeat please
くりかえしてください - please repeat
きいてください - please listen