TIL: Pimsleur 1-16, Human Japanese 19

Japanese on a treadmill. That is how I lunch.

Pimsleur 1-16


(おお) 6 strokes. JLPT N4. Jōyō kanji, taught in grade 2. many, frequent, much Kun: おお.い、 まさ.に、 まさ.る On: タ

多すぎます – too many
じゅうぶん – plenty, enough
じゅうぶんじゃありません – not enough
どういたしまして – you’re welcome
つぎのでんわでのかいわをきいてください。 – Please listen to the following telephone conversation.
きいてくりかえしてください。 – Listen and repeat, please.
どこへ – where? whither?
たくせんですね。 – That’s a lot, isn’t it”?
~がほしいんです。 – I want ~
おかねがほしいんです。 - I want money.

Hoshigaru 欲しがる implies that the person who wants something expresses that desire verbally or otherwise. 欲しい should not be used in polite requests. For example, if you happen to be visiting someone’s house and would like to drink some water, don’t say “みずがほしいんですが。” but rather something more polite such as 「おみずをおねがいします」 or 「おみずをいただけませんか」

It’s so tempting to try and cram kanji into everything… it’s an essential part of the language, and yet none of the learning material I’m using, makes use of it yet. But looking it up also take a lot of time ٩(๏̯͡๏)۶

Human Japanese

せんせい – teacher
せいと – student
いんぴつ – pencil *(learned in Influent already!)
ペン – pen *(learned in Influent already!)
つくい – desk *(learned in Influent already!)
いす – chair *(learned in Influent already!)
ごみばこ – garbage can. This can also be ごみいれ as learned in Influent. ごみ means garbage, while はこ means box.
こくばん – blackboard
がっこう – school
しょう – small
ちゅう – middle
だい – big
こうとう – high-level
しょうがっこう – elementary school
ちゅうがっこう – junior high school
こうとうがっこう – high school
こうこう – abbreviation for high school
だいがく – college
~ねんせい – ~ year student
ねん – year
~せい – ~ student
しょうがくせい – elementary school student
ちゅうがくせい – junior school student
こうこうせい – high school student
だいがこせい – college student
がく – learn/study
いちねんせい – first year student

Japanese schools are divided into the following manner:
-Elementary schools have six years
-Middle schools have three years
-High schools have three years

なんねんせい – which year student?
すうがく – math
ねきし – history
ちり – geography
しゃかい – social studies
りか – science
かがく – chemestry
たいいく – physical education
こくご – Japanese
かもく – school subject

using がすい / きらいです we can specify which subjects we like/dislike

りかがだいすきです。 – I love science.
かがくがだいきらいです。 – I hate chemestry.

よ – new information marker. Kind of used like an exclamation mark, but primarily used when conveying new information. ie: すきですよ。

ドイツ – Germany
スパイン – Spain
イタリア – Italy
フランス – France
えいこく – England
イギリス – (alternative to England)
ちゅうごく – China
かんこく – South Korea
たいわん – Taiwan
アーストラレア – Australia
~ご – language of ~
~じん – person from ~
えいご – English