TIL: Influent 420 Words (That’s a wrap for now!)

Scratch one item off that perpetual to-do list! I’ve now “mastered” all of the 420 non-kanji words in Influent. Mastering really is their word, not mine. It means that I have successfully identified the words by selecting the object associated with them three consecutive times when presented with 10 different options to choose from. It doesn’t mean I have the ability to look at a given object and recall the Japanese word for it.

So I’ll probably continue to open it up now and then as a refresher to try and maintain and better cement the known vocabulary, but for the time being I get to move it off of my “to-do list”. At some point before the year is over, I’ll need to revisit it so that I can learn the kanji associated with the various words. I’d be surprised if there’s a lot given how many words used katakana.

けいじする post (verb) そだつ grow (verb)
なく cry (verb) いんさつする print (verb)
きく listen (verb) ねじる screw (verb)
かわいい cute (adj) すわる sit (verb)
しめる tighten (verb) たてる build (verb)
とる take (picture) (verb) ちせいのある intelligent (adj)
けいかくする plan (verb) きそくせいのない random (adj)
ころがす roll (verb) きる wear (verb)
かおりのよい fragrant (adj) かしこい smart (adj)
ちょぞうする save (verb) いらだたせる annoying (adj)
フォーマル formal (adj) むすぶ tie (verb)
すごい awesome (adj) ねる sleep (verb)
くろい black (adj) うつ hit (verb)
まるい round (adj) なげる throw (verb)
うける catch (verb) でんわする call (verb)
うしなう lose (verb) きんぞく metal (adj)
つける light (verb) いんかせいのある flammable (adj)
せいけつな clean (adj) ながす flush (verb)
うつくしい beautiful (adj) かわいている dry (adj)
とかす brush (verb) いやす heal (verb)
そる shave (verb) したたらせる drip (verb)
ひく strum (verb) うるさい loud (adj)
ばかな stupid (adj) みる watch (verb)
ふるい old (adj) きけんな dangerous (adj)
もやす burn (adj) つめる pack (verb)
すう suck (verb) ける kick (verb)
カジュアル casual (adj) あたたかい warm (adj)
おしゃれな stylish (adj) かいてきな comfortable (adj)
まわる rotate (verb) おもい heavy (adj)
あつい hot (adj) はなをかむ sneeze (verb)

So with that, I’m done playing my 2nd game of the year.


I also ended up playing some Rocket League… which is pretty fun! I even played through campaign… meaning that’s now my 3rd game of the year down. That leaves only 112 in my (pc) gaming back log!