First Mobile Prototype: Pt. 5

Whee! I got some time to get in there this weekend and continue doing work on the little game I’m building up. It’s slowly getting more and more features, and even beginning to resemble a game! Still heaps of work to go though, but it’s great to slowly mark items off my to-do list.

The list of newness includes:

    – Fixed an audio bug where sound only played for as long as the weapons existed. Weapon hits something? Sound wouldn’t finish. But it does now!
    – Added a simple tiling material to the ground to help give the sense of movement when moving around.
    – Reorganized my file structure and added the game to perforce for version control.
    – Properly assigned my pawn to index 0 so that I can get player information from other objects in the game.
    – set the Audio Listener to the player’s mesh position rather than the camera position so that sounds can attenuate properly as they go further away.
    – experimented with using a Player Controller rather than having all controls built directly into the pawn. Will likely actually move stuff into a controller later, but for now I’m going to leave it be.
    – started a game state file which currently tracks numbers of enemies, but will have more uses later
    – figured out how to change mouse cursors in editor so I can better test without sending to my phone
    – set my weapons up to play sound on collision, to cause damage, and to track the damage type of the weapons
    – created a basic spawner that will continuously spawn enemies if there aren’t any in the game
    – created a basic enemy that will continuously move toward the player. It takes damage from blue, heals from green, and takes double damage from red weapons.
    – the enemy dies when it’s health is reduced to 0