Allegro Digital is the little corner of the internet belonging to one ostentatious young rogue that goes by the name of Stephen G. Tucker. Growing up in the barren tundra of Canada, this daring lad had to fight tooth and nail with wolverines and polar bears just to glean enough maple syrup to keep him alive each day. It was a hard lot, but it taught him the importance of a sharp wit and a scrutinizing eye.

Through the wilderness of Nova Scotia; to the futuristic metropolis of Toronto; then to the dangerous port town of Sydney, Australia; back across the seas to arid Vancouver; onto the mists of San Francisco; to the primeval highlands of Scotland; back across the seas to arid Vancouver... Stephen travels the world on a quest for greatness. When not traversing the countryside, camera in hand, he tends to sit at a magic box full of transistors and cpus, where he works diligently at making pixels change colour in fascinating patterns.

Displaying a panache in the motion picture industry, in the past people have given Stephen the privilege to create imagery for Hollywood's finest "talkies". Such immaculate images appear in the works known as Ender's Game, Jack the Giant Slayer, Happy Feet 2, and Gnomeo and Juliet! Keep your eyes open the next time you watch these films: it's awfully difficult for his effects to affect you if you keep them closed!

In 2012, Stephen began delving into game development with the now defunct Sprixelsoft. He's now migrated into the world of AAA game visual effects during daylight hours, but by moonlight continues to explore other parts of development independently. When does he sleep?! With a young kid at home.. the answer is pretty much, “never”.