Having started my career at Side Effects Software as a Product Specialist, I have a well-rounded knowledge of Houdini 3D Animation Software including modelling, particles, fluids, rigid bodies, surfacing, compositing, CHOPs, VOPs, HScript, and REYES/Mantra rendering.

I have worked primarily as a Houdini Digital Visual Effects Artist/Technical Director on stereo feature films but have also used Maya professionally and it was the first package that I learned 3D animation in while acquiring a degree in Animation from Sheridan College.

VFX Demo Reel of material created up to mid 2014 from Stephen Tucker on Vimeo.
- 0:00 -- Title Card -- All Elements -- Adobe After Effects and Houdini
- 0:06 -- Ender's Game -- Missile Trails -- Houdini
- 0:13 -- Ender's Game -- Smoke Trail -- Houdini
- 0:18 -- Jack the Giant Slayer -- Rain Splashes, Surface Ripples, Silt, Aeration, Foam, Water Shading -- Houdini
- 0:22 -- Jack the Giant Slayer -- Surface Ripples, Air Bubbles, Silt -- Houdini
- 0:26 -- Jack the Giant Slayer -- Splash Augmentation and Rendering -- Houdini
- 0:29 -- Crackdown -- Sparks, Debris, Explosion -- Houdini
- 0:31 -- Crackdown -- Chain Explosions, and Barrel Debris -- Houdini
- 0:35 -- Gnomeo and Juliet -- Mushroom Cloud, Dust and Debris -- Maya and Houdini
- 0:36 -- Happy Feet 2 -- Slush Shading, Ocean Displacement, Floating Ice, Impact Spray -- Houdini
- 0:41 -- Happy Feet 2 -- Open Ocean Work flow -- Helped develop work flow for open oceans including tools for Large Scale Features, Impact Spray -- Houdini
- 0:47 -- Gnomeo and Juliet -- Dust and Debris -- Maya
- 0:50 -- Gnomeo and Juliet -- Dust and Debris -- Maya
- 0:53 -- Gnomeo and Juliet -- Drool -- Houdini
- 0:56 -- Vigo Logo -- Particles and Geometry -- Houdini
- 0:58 -- Personal Project -- All Elements -- Done entirely in Houdini Escape (no dynamics)
- 1:02 -- Candle for Side Effects Software -- Houdini 9
- 1:07 -- Shattering Glass for Side Effects Software -- Houdini 9
- 1:12 -- Happy Feet 2 -- R&D for Spray elements - Houdini
- 1:16 -- Foot Print test at Side Effects Software -- Houdini
- 1:19 -- Destruction Test (Bullet/RBD) in spare time -- Houdini
- 1:24 -- Test for high viscosity fluids and rbd interaction -- Houdini 9
- 1:31 -- Title Card -- Fluids in Maya, and Text in Adobe After Effects


Finding myself in the United Kingdom for a couple of months, I made an effort to get out now and then and see some of the landscapes that the nation has to offer. Most of where I visited was throughout Scotland, however there's a little bit of Cornwall to be found in this video as well.

I used a Canon 7D with either a EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM or a Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD for the various shots in this montage.

Passing Time in the UK from Stephen Tucker on Vimeo.

I've always been interested in both high speed and time lapse photography. One of the first accessories I bought when I got my camera was an intervalometer. Most of what I've done so far has just been playing around, but if you're a fan of time lapse as well why not head over to and look around? If you like what you see, please leave comments, and be sure to click the "Follow this Tag" button at the top right of the site.

Time lapse screen shot from Vimeo.


One of the quirks of being a visual effects artist is that I've always had an interest in natural phenomena. I keep my eye out when I have my camera around, and will record video of things that I see from time to time. This might be fire balls at a festival, waves at the ocean, or mists in the mountains. I began releasing some of this video on Vimeo as I found that there were times when I wanted to access some of this footage at work as reference for a particular shot I might be working on.

Be warned that this footage is shot for the denizens of the visual effects community and thus is likely not going to be exciting unless you've got a hankering for the reproduction of nature's finest wizardry. As I've got a variety of footage at this point, rather than putting it all here on Allegro Digital, it's probably best if you view it directly on Vimeo.

I've added the tag "AD-VFXREF" where appropriate to my uploads, so to find this footage, please go to If you like what you see, please leave comments, and be sure to click the "Follow This Tag" button at the top right of the site.

VFX Reference screen shot from Vimeo.