My Biggest Purchase to Date

Last week (well… technically earlier than last week… but I only finally got a memory card and was able to take pictures with it as of last week) I got myself a digital soul sucker. It’s also the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought at one time. You know… aside from the whole engagement/wedding ring combo. Or my education. And was it worth it? Well given the amount that I’ll no doubt continue to spend in the future on lenses… that’s a question that’s up for debate… however I’m going to have to say yes. Why yes? Well, for starters, because the camera can withstand the frozen tundra of Canada. This in itself should be reason enough for anyone, but in the end I really have to say that it’s worth it because I said so.

I’ve wanted a camera (read as good camera) for a long time now. We ended up borrowing a good point and click when on our honeymoon, but decided that it might just be worth it to get a decent camera of our own for the next time we go on a vacation. A point and click is all well and good, but my interest lay in the zone of DSLR. I’m always keen on getting fine control over exposure, and depth of field and getting macro and telescopic images. Also, I just wanted one because I am greedy. A few weeks back, we saw Lady Gaga in concert, and were reminded once more of the burning desire for some camera love…. Thus a Canon 7D was procured.

Here’s some pictures I done took in the past week with it:

Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights.

Downtown fog, followed by downtown on a rainy night.

Another downtown night pic, as well as some Rock Climbing at Joe Rockhead’s.

A couple of pics from the Elliot Animation X-Mas party.

I discovered I have a Macro lens! A week old orange slice, and Metal Gear Ray.

Sephiroth’s Hair and an origami crab mounting a rice cake (with black bean jelly).

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