The Distant Future: The year 2010

Gad ZOOKS man. It’s the future! But is this blog going to be about the future? Or even the present? Heck NO! I ain’t got time for the future, bro. I only got times for the past. And that’s why it’s time for another episode of “What happened already that you don’t know about.” It would be pretty pointless to try and tell you about celebrities… or world news. Chances are you have already paid more attention to that than I have. But the one thing I am an authority on… one thing I can tell you about that you have greviously under-attended, is moi. So what exactly transpired in recent memory that is worth discussing? Why X-mas of course!

Not that I like to brag (I like to brag), but my X-mas rocked my socks off. To the max. First off, I have to do the no-no of story telling and jump straight to the climax. See this guitar here? It’s a Douglas SR-370 7 String Guitar. I’ve only put a few hours into this one so far, but the verdict? Awesome. I ran out and bought the Dream Theater Systematic Chaos book and plan on learning the song Repentance… though I’ve been guitarless for 2 and a half years now, so while it’s awesome to finally have one again; between the lack of practice and the fact that it’s also my first seven string… I’ve got lotsa learnin’ to do.

Other items of awesome acquired this holiday include: Assassin’s Creed (played for a few hours yesterday and am loving it), Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune(not yet played), Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(not yet played), Star Trek(as you know I loved everything except the lens flares), Transformers 2(have not seen), Devin Townsend Project: Addicted(AWESOME). I have more games now than I know what to do with. So it’s just as well that I’ve finally done the unthinkable and sold my Nintendo and Super Nintendo. It was a teary good bye… but I’ve got enough faith in Zerogame Project that it was time to clear up some space.

Here’s some more pics that I took over the holidays:

Some macros of a flower at my In-Laws’.

X-mas food.

My In-laws’ living room, and my wife’s new Keyboard.

My wife’s step-dad’s new camera, and frost on my window.

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