10 Things to Do in 2010

– Record 12 songs

– Destiny of an Emperor Palace Theme
– Mr Big: Take Cover
– Joe Satriani: Love Thing
– Satriani: Ten Words
– Megadeth: She Wolf
– Megadeth: Back in the Day
– Skid Row: Slave to the Grind
– Yngwie Malmsteen: Sorrow
– Bach: Prelude Cello Suite #1 (BWV1007)
– Moist: Push
– Jimmy Eat World: Futures
– Foo Fighters: Monkey Wrench

– Perform live
– Participate in a video game competition
– Beat the games I own but have never finished

– Assassin’s Creed
– Dragon Quest V
– Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals
– Drake’s Fortune
– Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

– Finish re-reading The Wheel of Time and then read The Gathering Storm

– The Path of Daggers
– Winter’s Heart
– Crossroads of Twilight
– Knife of Dreams
– The Gathering Storm
– Towers of Midnight?

– Redesign this website
– Pay for a new lens using money earned from photography
– Make a triptych
– Finish the Dragoon Kain Munny that I started
– Leave North America

3 thoughts on “10 Things to Do in 2010”

  1. Dragos Stefan says:

    As the 8th song I'd suggest King Crimson: Fracture

  2. Allegro says:

    You know? I've never listened to king Crimson. I'll have to check them out.

    By the way, thanks for that holiday card you emailed out! I'm foolishly bad with sending out stuff like that. I'll have to get on it next year.

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