Are you sure Stomachs are supposed to get this Empty?

Well, here we are again, back from another reading ?break” at Sheridan. And by back, I mean I never left the school, and by break, I mean I did homework the whole week. It?s ok though! I?m awaiting the arrival of Metroid Fusion *and* Zero Mission from eBay, and so it encouraged me to do my computer animation (which is now in the gallery). That?s right baby, modeling, rigging, and animation, the whole shebang, in a week! That other ?new” drawing is from back in September, but I forgot to ever add it here for some reason. Anyways, not a whole lot else new here, except trying to grasp 6-point perspective, play keep-up, and find time to eat. I could go for some Lipton?s Side Kicks right about now… anywhoo, back to the drawing board for me!

1 thought on “Are you sure Stomachs are supposed to get this Empty?”

  1. Stephen G. Tucker says:

    Ran across your my name in a Google search. I also work with computers but not in the way you do. I have worked on mainframes large IBM for 39 years. Anyway, just wanted to say HELLO!

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