I can’t wait to knife some Ewoks

I sit here listening to A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater as I write this, and I gotta say, that while this is the first message I bring to the world on my new site… while it’s good to finally have this little niche of mine own out in cyberspace… I can’t stop thinking about how unbelievably good it’ll feel to stomp those little rodent-beast-Ewoks in an AT-ST. In case anyone’s not with me, Starwars Battlefront is coming out in September, and while it looks like it may not be particularly balanced… somewhat reminding me of Battlefield Special Weapons… Battlefield 1942 was such a great game, that very idea of it involving TIE Fighters still sends insatiable tingles up my spine… or maybe that tingling is from falling down the stairs 4 days ago…. Either way, my point ladies and gentleman, is that I now have a website, and that = wicked awesome. Spiels in the future may or may not make sense, but for now… I’ve spent the past week on the computer… and I think I’ve earned myself a nice game of Megaman. God Bless the Megaman Collection for PS2!

2 thoughts on “I can’t wait to knife some Ewoks”

  1. Wheeeeeeee! Bitchin site dude! air guitars Keep it up!

  2. Magnolia says:

    Excellent site, Stephen! I really like the layout and the art.. DUH!

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