Alrighty there folks, deadlines are upon us here at Sheridan, and I’ve got a lip-sync animation due Friday, volunteer work for 3rd year films due Monday, Layout and Digital Methodology due a week from tomorrow, and a Painting due on the 15th. I can’t wait for either the 3rd year screenings next week or Jeffery Katzenberg on the 15th. Anyways, just wanted to post a grand total of 15 new images to the gallery, and subtract a few as well for good measure. Oh, in other news, I went to see a Steve Vai concert on the weekend. That Steve Vai… what a nice little boy. It’s the second time I’ve seen him now (G3 last year was unbelievable) and the man just seems on even when he’s off. The concert rocked, though Massey Hall’s third floor seating leaves much to be desired as far as leg space goes. It is now 10:12pm, and I have homework to touch on, and so, I’m outta here.

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  1. Miscer says:

    Allegro, you have and always will be awesome, congratulations on a higher level of awesomeness!

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