Still looking for financial backing, and unfortunately I?m not going to be able to update the gallery for a little bit longer. I?ve got a finished demo? but I have to still render a version with a reasonable file size for the web? and I’ve recently discovered that my portable hard drive is out of commission. I won?t be able to get that stuff rendered until I can afford to get it fixed. On a brighter note I recently played Tales of Symphonia (not in its entirety), and it?s a pretty good game? though I don?t quite think it lives up to its reputation. The cell shaded anime characters don?t meld well enough with the serious story, though the voice acting is good. The battles could have also been better if the camera didn?t always center player one ? making multiplayer battles confusing. All things considered, ’tis a very good RPG. I also attempted to play through Quest for Glory III, however it turns out that like all the other Sierra games, beating it is going to be a challenge? mostly due to glitches.

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  1. Bryan Tucker says:

    From Dublin (Rome Tomorrow): Congratulations on your vidiogame conquests! money well spent.

  2. Jarrett Young says:

    Steve, this site made me wet the person next to me. Its THAT good.

  3. Coejus says:

    Ill always remember you for the time you sat in the mall with a sign that said SINGLE while you did your sketches. At least, I think that was you. Draw me.

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