Up and Running and Time to Chillax

new pspAh that new web design smell: Only half as noxious as new car smell. I attempted to launch the new design on Thursday, but failed to test in Internet Explorer. Tisk tisk I might add. It did not bode well and there were all sorts of Errors that cropped up. Layout problems… crashing… you know… the typical. At any rate, I believe that it’s all sorted out now and working in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. There’s one more item stricken from the to-do list. As I’m now involved in a music night with work I’ve got some songs to be doing, so I’ll be trying to get them recorded in the near future.

Speaking of which, I’ve done gone and made things a little bit harder on myself for completing the items on that list. A little more than a week ago, I broke down and bought myself a PSP. A used one that came with God of War. I’ve also broken down futher and picked up Final Fantasy Tactics, a component cable, an 8gb memory stick, and a bunch of demos from the PSNetwork. I’ve only played about an hour and a half of Tactics so far (though had played the PS1 version more than once) and I gotta say: awesome. This is what the game should have been in the first place. The translation is great, and I’m really a fan of the style used in the cut scenes. Bravo Squenix. You did some good in this world. Expect me to swoon some more when I finish the current book series I’m involved in.

A doll found on a park bench near George Brown college in TorontoAnd for the sake not letting this one escape… here’s a picture I took last week. Better late than never, right?