And So Ends Semester 5

I really do not know if the internet has finally become so overrun with pop-ups that internet explorer no longer wishes to recognize legitimate html code for opening a site in a new window (as is the case in my gallery) or if Sheridan has once again decided to " upgrade " stepped up their ever so efficient technology… but either way I feel that it will be necessary to design a new site that makes no use of pop-up style image viewing in the near future. In the meantime? be sure to hold down the ctrl button when clicking if nothing seems to happen.

   Speaking of site changes, I have just subtracted stuff from the gallery, and have also added three new animations, one new figure drawing, and one new sketch? some water splash design work for the film I?m currently working on. Surely you are excited by this and will go there right now without even reading the rest of this. If you are more entertained by reading, then I have some more good news! I started and finished the original Castlevania this week, which means that I have bested 24 video games in the past 364 days. I have not yet decided if this is in fact a good thing, however it was certainly fun. I return to Nova Scotia on Sunday morning, but fear not? I shall once again be a student who rarely updates his site in the future? in? 2006! (I wonder why Castlevania isn?t included in the computers? spell-check dictionary?)

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