Time for Zombies… ahem… Updates…

   I really do have the best intentions when it comes to my online life. I mean, I’ve started this little website, and it makes me happy when I see new visitors on that little counter. The biggest reason that I have the site though, is clearly for the convenience of portfolio display. And yet… it’s been about a month and a half since my last update! Well… the lack of an update has surely not ben for lack of anything to say, but rather, I’ve been hard at work (most of the time). My winter break was… well… forced upon me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. A brief hiatus from work does help to put things in perspective now and then… sometimes it helps you to see that you’re doing exactly what you *should* be doing, and lets you smile to yourself… your own knowledge being the only pat-on-the-back that’s needed. Well, I realized that I need to start looking for summer employment, and so have been trying to make the necessary arrangements. Whether those arrangements consist of online job hunting, or doing work… I’ve done little but let that workoholic within manifest itself into Lunar Allegro (yes… I did play the new Final Fantasy IV Advance..) which is code for: I bought 2gb of ram for my computer, bought the student edition of RealFlow3, bought 3 Digital Tutors dvds, (which I am half way through… at the moment), redesigned my demo reel, and have done some new animation (well… added to old animation). Some of said animation is rendering at school right now. EA has internships each year, and, well, I’m pretty bent on getting accepted there (though there is a place I’ve also been into contact with recently here in Toronto which may provide more interest to me). So, I’ll be sure to post the new Demo here soon… my eta right now is Tuesday the 7th… simply because getting as much new (good) stuff on it before ther EA deadline is mucho important to me.

   In other news, I’ve got a buddy of mine that will soon be sharing my webspace… his site will be http://www.psyonicart.com. I now know more about .htaccess now than I care to.

   Well, looking at the time, it’s now 4 minutes after 3… and… well… I probably have more to say, but I’m just tired enough that I think sleep is a little more important than enlengthifying this update anymore!

I like to make up words.

   Crud… After reformating my computer, it looks like I forgot to add Microsoft Word… no spell check for this post! WEEEEE!!!

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