Zero Hour and a Half

Just finished eating an Easter Dinner with the roommates and the family of one of the roommates. Chicken can be quite tasty… and pumpkin pie… can be made quite poorly. That’s what happens when you allow me to make it though. Guess now I know how not to do it though. At any rate, I also am trying to get a weekly sketch thing going seeing as I’ve been kind of ignoring the old illustrative arts for a while now. You can find out more about that at my thread at I posted this week’s work in my gallery in the illustration section. I am rather pleased with it. Thank you Scott Robertson.

2 thoughts on “Zero Hour and a Half”

  1. Jarrett says:

    thanks for the linkage dude. ill get some concept art up soon enough.

  2. Appears im not the only other Stephen Tucker whos found you though Google. I too am Stephen Tucker, and (quite incidentally) I too work with computers…! Aint it a small world, huh? Thought id say hello!

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