Allegro Digital is a little corner of the internet belonging to one ostentatious young rogue that goes by the name of Stephen G. Tucker. Growing up in the barren tundra of Canada, this daring lad had to fight tooth and nail with wolverines and polar bears just to glean enough maple syrup to keep him alive each day. It was a hard lot, but it taught him the importance of a sharp wit and a scrutinizing eye.

Having nomadicaly roamed the world... first to sunny Toronto, then to the dangerous port town of Sydney, Australia, then to arid Vancouver... Stephen now makes his home in the hopelessly flat city of San Francisco, USA. There he sits, day after day, at a magic box full of transistors and cpus, where he works dilegently at creating things. Mostly comments on Youtube, but occasionally all sorts of wonderful things for his upcoming indie game, Super Hematoma.

Displaying a pinache in the motion picture industry, in the past people have given Stephen hard currency to make pixels change colour for Hollywood's finest "talkies". Such immaculate images appear in the works known as Ender's Game, Jack the Giant Slayer, Happy Feet 2, and Gnomeo and Juliet! Keep your eyes open the next time you watch these films: it's awfully difficult for his effects to affect you if you keep them closed!

Stick around for a bit, and look around! When not working on cg stuff, Stephen loves to take photos. You can see many of them here, as well as some of the video work he has been involved with, and access any tutorials that he has created. Stephen is available from time to time for freelance projects. He loves what he does, and to him a job is never just a job. Whether it be an inquiry about work, prints or just to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact him.