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Hello there! Many of you may have been here before, but are used to this place being known as You may also have been disappointed to have come here within the past year only to see that there have been no updates. Well, things have changed!

I was quite stubborn before about my web design, and did everything by hand. Whenever I’d update this main page, I would manually update this page, and then the archives section. Both of which was done in Wordpad first using html, tested, and then uploaded. It was a tedious process, and not very fun. It was unfortunately a process that made it more of a chore than anything else to keep the site up-to-date. The same was very true with my gallery section. Not efficient to maintain. As you can see now however, everything has been streamlined, and it should now be nice and easy for me to make updates!

And now, while I’m on the topic of updates… let’s give a brief update of everything that’s transpired since the *last* update.

– In June I began a very long process of re-finishing my guitar, which is *almost* completed.
– In July, I couldn’t stand being guitarless, and bought a bass.
– I saw both Symphony X and Dream Theater live in August. Both of which were great shows, and I’d have to say that the Symphony X one was a contender for best concert I’ve ever been to.
– I had the opportunity to help create a tutorial for 3D World Magazine in September, which made the cover as well. I also started doing indoor rock climbing.
– I visited Vancouver over the Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving… October) and got engaged.
– In November, I gave a presentation to a Toronto audience on Fluid Dynamics in Houdini 9.
– December, I returned to my birthland for the Christmas holidays.
– I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite in January despite my previous anti-portable-console stance. I also leveled up my cooking skills by learning how to bake bread.
– In February, my fiancee and I dined atop the tallest building in the world for a fancy Valentine’s meal.
– I can barely remember March due to a: a tight deadline that I had at work and b: being semi-delirious with the flu.
– In April, I managed to get Jeff Wagner to come see Symphony X. The show wasn’t *quite* as good as it was the previous time, but I gotta say this: Symphony X is awesome.
– In May, I celebrated being born thanks to a surprise party from Andrea (for those not in the know, Andrea is my fiancee).

Aaaaaand, hopefully that brief summary is enough to satisfy your pulsing need to know all things related to me. If not, feel free to look around the new site! There’s lotsa stuff to explore!

Also, since this is brand spankin’ new, If you catch anything that doesn’t work please let me know!

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  1. Its been what 10 years watching you draw, and grow into what you are today. I always am awestruck on your accomplishments. I still have some of those first drawings. Congrats on your engagement and success. Barb

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