Overdue Update

It’s been almost two weeks since my last update. The reason is that I realized I was starting to run out of hard drive space and so decided to take preventative measures! I just bought a new 1Tb hard drive to replace my 80Gb C:/ drive, and it’s taken me pretty much a week and a half to get the thing all formatted. I’ve nerded up my machine a bit and replaced a bunch of the default sounds in Windows (log in with the Start-up sound from Super Metroid, USB plugs with door opening sounds from Super Metroid, and most of the basic dings and alarms with sounds from the Civilizations games) so that I’m not forced into cringing whenever Windows does anything for me.

I’ve also discovered that Quicktime does in fact work on Windows x64! No more media player classic with no controls for me! Also found some other cool things like an application that reduces Firefox’s memory usage and another application that allows the taskbar to be reorganized (like internet tabbing).

I’ve also been in the mood to get some video tutorials out there on Houdini Fluid Dynamics. We’ll see what I’m in the mood for once that’s done… I’m thinking vex/shading personally. But this has also involved a drawn out process of buying a mixer for my mic and learning a little bit more about mics in general and how they work. I’ve just recorded the first Intro to Houdini Fluids video. I’m going to hold off on making it available though until I get the rest done. Fear not! I do intend on finishing her, but until I get the tutorials finished (next week?) further modeling of Samus is on hold.

On an unrelated note, here’s a picture of my arm after a slight rock climbing injury a couple of weeks ago. There’s a pretty intense 11b route that I’m trying to surpass. The wall apparently has other agendas. This is what happens when your arm gets pinned by your rope to a ledge that you’re trying to get on top of.

2 thoughts on “Overdue Update”

  1. Jarrett says:

    Yo! Nice bruise and sweet setup. I'm heading back to Cape Breton in a couple weeks. Its been 4 years since I practiced my Cape Bretonese.

    We should chat over email.

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