I feel pretty!

As you can see from yesterday’s blog, I’ve taken an interest in the Speed Modeling Challenges at forums.3dtotal.com. Personally I find it exhillarating to be forced to do something under the clock like that, even though I end up relaxing and leisurely lighting/shading after the fact. Back in March, I actually did the image you see to your left as my first entry to the SMC’s. It was very hectic for me since I’d done extremely little modeling in Houdini before that point and so needed to retry the challenge several times to be able to get something in the time limit that was assigned for the challenge.

I’m excited to say that as it turns out, I ended up tieing for first in that challenge! There were some great entries for that challenge, so be sure to check them out if you have time.

I’ll also mention that I recorded another 20 minute video this morning. I hope these lessons don’t bore people when they become available!

1 thought on “I feel pretty!”

  1. Bernice Gordon says:

    Still being amazing in the digital world, I see.
    So, when are you going to start working for Pixar… and taking over? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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