Allegro Gaiden

Awesomeness… so it didn’t *really* take me this much time to figure out that I am able to update my site from the computer labs at the college, but it did take me until now to find some time to do anything. Ok, well… so just a brief update for now, and I’ll do my best to do some sort of an update after the weekend. I’ve got pictures to show, but my great and wonderful skills as a ninja have allowed me to drop my portable harddrive and almost all files were lost, so I’ll have to get another chance to scan them before they shall ever make their appearance into the digital realm again. I’ve got glorious homework that needs to be done though, so that scanning time will have to wait until that work is out of the way. The International Film Festival in Ottawa takes place next weekend, and it will be the first one I visit, so I’m looking forward to that with mighty anticipation. But enough on that subject… I’m going to go eat… and draw… and sleep…

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  1. Peggy-Sue says:

    Stop trying to steal my boyfreind biatch! :p Pretty Pictures Tho

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