Dragoon Munny Pt. 01

It’s been a rather busy at work recently, what with SIGGRAPH at hand and all. Things went well with this year’s demos (in my opinion at least), and I look forward to hearing back on how Houdini is received there. It’s certainly been interesting this year being in a position where I more-so supervise and guide the demos than doing the actual production of them. As usual it will be a shame to lose the batch of interns when their contracts end.

For those who may be reading this who knew me back in elementary or junior high school it may seem like a surprise; but I actually stopped reading comic books quite a long time ago. I used to be very into them, and had my bedroom entirely covered in posters (which regretfully I somehow lost while in college). It was comic books that really made me start drawing and not just doodling. At any rate, I went to a comic store last weekend and picked up a few items! One of which being the Maximum Carnage (collection of 14 comics). I’m halfway through it right now and my original hypothesis has been confirmed. Carnage is a badass. I also just completed reading The Children of Húrin, and have started Tolkien’s Unfinished Tales. Needless to say, after recently reading The Silmarillion and having just completed The Children of Húrin, I shall be skipping that part of Unfinished Tales. Word of the new Hobbit movies has also forced me to watch the special features from the movie trilogy.)

The main reason I went to the Silver Snail was because I was looking to procure a toy of Kain Highwind. Luck was not with me on that quest, however I did fortune upon another collection of toys which I had not been aware of. Yes, that’s right, along with spontaneous purchase of Maximum Carnage, spontaneous purchase of a Final Fantasy Tactics toy also took place. Mind you, one was not enough. Nay, on the morrow (Sunday) I returned and purchased two more. I now have two Balthear figures (… being unable to determine which toy that you’re purchasing is beyond stupid …) and an Agrias Oaks figure. Balthear and Agrias now proudly flank my monitor at work. The other Balthear is like… under my coffee table or something…

This Do It Yourself toy, called a Munny, also caught my attention. When I returned for the two extra toys, I also bought a couple of these and some art supplies. Since I was unable to acquire a Dragoon toy, I shall make my own! I have yet to decide what I shall do with the other Munny yet.

Oh.. and for the record, while FFIV still remains as one of my favorite games… I must say that I am not especially impressed in the DS version.

4 thoughts on “Dragoon Munny Pt. 01”

  1. GreenEyedArtist says:

    The Fables series is pretty awesome but more in plot than in crazy action sequences. It also has some beautiful cover art by James Jean.

  2. Allegro says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I think I've heard about them before. I was always into the Marvel Comics moreso than DC, but I'll keep it in mind next time I make a trip out to a comic store.

  3. Andrea says:

    so, how's the munny coming along?

  4. Allegro says:

    I suck at sculpting :*(

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