Short Attention Span or not, I *will* eat Turkey

So that demon which has plagued me off and on through out my life has run amok again, but it’s time to put an end to my short attention span! The first month back in school has been enough to bring me back to reality once more. Having had a nice little vacation of Battletoads, and Super Metroid, I’ve determined that perhaps doing my homework, and studying *is* in fact the best course of action as far as keeping on top of my schoolwork is concerned. That being said… I still hope to beat Battletoads before Christmas, and am seriously considering the greatness of buying a game cube. This of course will happen *after* I am once more caught up and basking in the glory of A’s again however. At any rate, I’m actually procrastinating once more, as I only came to the computer lab to do a little research on walk cycles for my upcoming animation assignment. Just thought I’d do an update here however. I still have nothing that I deem worthy of adding to this here web space, but hopefully there shall be some new eye candy in the upcoming weeks. For those who have never been to an animation festival, I would like to add, that I went to one a couple weeks ago in Ottawa. It was most splendid; definitely an event that any aspiring artist should check out. Now however, I need to do that research I came here to do, and then prepare for departure! Next stop, Waterloo!

2 thoughts on “Short Attention Span or not, I *will* eat Turkey”

  1. Stephani says:

    uh… wow..Nice site…uh…yeah

  2. Cory says:

    Good stuff Steve. Took you long enough to get a website, but it looks great. Nice drawings too. Guess I better get my ass in gear and update mine ๐Ÿ˜›

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