Scene Files from Intro to Fluids in Houdini

A while back, I made a series of video tutorials for Fluid Dynamics in Houdini. I’m pleased to say, that these were rather well received, and I had a lot of requests for the scene files to be made available. The glass of water video in particular had been garnering lots of attention since it was released last year, and so I decided to make the files available for everyone. It took a long time to prepare, but I ran through the files and updated them for newer builds of Houdini, and at the same time wrote comments on the majority of the nodes so that people could easily figure out what was happening in the files. These files are now available through bit torrent on the Side Effects Software Inc. website.

Now to develop new tutorials!

5 thoughts on “Scene Files from Intro to Fluids in Houdini”

  1. phrenzy84 says:

    Hey there Stephen.

    I must say big thanks for the files. Learning a lot with the series and with the examples at hand, with comments and bgeos (especially with the Glass of Water file).

    Cheers for the commenting on my blog its easy to forget people are reading.

    Trust me, we are ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep it up mate.

    Look forward to more tutorials and posts.


  2. heydabop says:

    I never knew you were the tutorial and it's files. I love the tutorial, it helped me a bunch with fluids. Thanks for it and the files.

    Do you work for Side Effects?

  3. heydabop says:

    Dang, I hate typos. *you were BEHIND the tutorial* and take the comma out of it's.

  4. Allegro says:

    Hi Ross,

    No problem, I'm glad that the tutorials are out there for people to go through! And yes, I do work at Side Effects.

    Hi Andrew,


  5. heydabop says:

    Awesome! It looks like it could be an interesting and fun job.

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