I went to the Circus!

Gather ’round ladies and gentleman, young boys and girls for yet another haranguing Houdini herald! Nay I say! This is not software synonymous at all but instead probes perilously into the world of the precipitous… the phenominal… the palatial… the preposterous: The Circus! That’s right my audience, it’s the big top! A place where the world’s most agile acrobats arc amazingly about the air, where steely swordsmen snap scimitars surreptitiously, where daring damsels in designer unitards on ubiquitous unicycles perform provocatively, and where “little people” are encouraged to be elephantine especially for your entertainment!

The ringmaster of this soirée (found within the descending ring to your right) was none other than the sultry Ms. Spears. Eh? What’s that? I’m sorry… you thought I’d gone to the actual circus? Public opinion on the performer’s psyche aside, the concert was rather comparable to an actual circus. The above alliteration was abound last night in Toronto, and I was around to bear witness. I’ll be frank, that the music is not my favorite, but I’m also open to giving anything a chance. The end result? I was actually impressed with the effort that had been put into making the show an entertaining experience for the audience. There were a lot of people that worked hard to choreograph the evening, and said people should be proud of their work. The show contained lots of circus themed stunts; fire, sparks, fog (as a vfx artist, how could I not appreciate that); however did contain a bit more costume changes than I’m used to from my past experience at Dream Theater and Symphony X concerts.

It was great that they had live musicians there to perform the songs… and call my old hat… but I do think it would have been be cool if Britney had have sang rather than merely lip syncing. At one point, the huge screen descended from it’s heights and Marilyn Manson’s version of Sweet Dreams began playing. I found that I was actually hoping that Britney was going to do a cover of it! But no. That did not happen. It was merely filler while she changed costume.

Speaking of costumes… thanks to the folks at work for digging up one of my Halloween photos and wreaking havoc on my pride.

*sigh… always a backup dancer… never a star…*

3 thoughts on “I went to the Circus!”

  1. Ashley says:

    Ha. Beautiful editing, err I mean back-up dancing, on that last photo.

  2. Really great and nice stuff, thanks.

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