Imagine a brilliant white light above you, now relax as this light flows through your body… yeah… that?s right, that light is procrastination, baby! Well, I?m up to that again. We?ve got the tremendously awesome walk cycles due in two more days and I?m only marginally into the rough animation. Ah well, I?ll get it done in time, in fact, I?m going to go work in it in about… five minutes. I just thought that this site could use a little update in the gallery section, so here?s a whopping 4 photos, 3 figure drawings, and 2 pieces of fan art done over the past 2 months. Ok, so seeing as I?m trying to get back to work right now, I shouldn?t bother mentioning that I?m being a ninja for Halloween… and I also shouldn?t mention that I?m perilously close to buying a Game Cube for the sole purpose of having Smash Bros at my disposal… and I certainly won?t mention that I?ve been coerced into watching entirely too much Xena by my roommate today. Yes, that?s right… I shouldn?t mention this… I should go animate. Ninjas rock.

2 thoughts on “Ker-shnap”

  1. Matt Langille says:

    Aliant Telecom Says: THIS IS KEITH I QUIT

  2. The Earthquake Machine Says: Nice work Steven Tucker. Id love to leave some well-thought eloquent message, but I gotta go, its a busy day. I gotta go make an appearance in some assholes novel and then in Breath of Fire IV. Ill see you around!!

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