Quick look at Houdini 10 Pyro FX

It’s time to start looking at one of the most exciting new features of Houdini 10! In this video tutorial, we take a look at the Pyro FX workflow used to create high-quality Fire and Smoke. The Pyro tools were created with the artist in mind and make it easier than ever to get your effects out the door.

This tutorial uses one of the production-ready Pyro FX presets to get you started. You then learn how to navigate the network, cache out a low-res sim, up-res to get more detail, then use IPR and the VEX Pyro shader to complete your effect.

2 thoughts on “Quick look at Houdini 10 Pyro FX”

  1. Andrew says:

    hey there Stephen, awesome overview.

    You make it pretty clear there are a lot of options that are easily accessible to tweak and create whatever pyro effect people are looking for.

    Nice work.

    oh by the way, is the depth map shadow indicator new to H10. I just noticed when you turned on DP shadows and rendered there was a progress bar on the generation of the map in mplay. I've never noticed it before maybe, it's me :).

  2. Allegro says:

    The Depth Map Shadow progress bar is new to Houdini 10, but it isn't present in "MPlay". That bar was because I was using the new IPR window in Houdini 10. (Well… to be honest, the window was there previously… it just wasn't functional).

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