Boldy going where far far far too many have gone before

“We loved the way the anamorphic lenses flare naturally, and we were told to let them happen and we even put them in when they weren?t there.”


It was actually a very good movie; I recommend seeing it.

Edited May 13th, to add in Youtube Video

3 thoughts on “Boldy going where far far far too many have gone before”

  1. GreenEyedArtist says:

    I have to say, this was the first movie in a fairly long time where I came out of it wishing I could buy the dvd right then and there. Unfortunately, somewhere around the last 10% of the movie, I wanted to kick JJ Abrams in the shins for the lens flares gleaming around for no reason. It was way over kill. But a good movie.

  2. Allegro says:

    I agree! I'd totally buy it. It's a solid movie, and I'll pick up the blu-ray when I can. But dang them lensflares…

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