Overdue Update #1: Marriage

Quite a bit has happened in my life since May 11th! The biggest event, which you may have guessed with the visual prodding of the image to the right, was my wedding! May 17th 2009 commences a new chapter in my life, and I am proud to say that I am the husband of one beautiful Andrea K. Haid. There is far too much to update in one megaton burst. If I were to bring you entirely up to date at once, my fingers would become fleshless stumps from the typing, and your eyes: reduced to shriveled pebbles unable to focus on anything but the RGB glow from a computer monitor. Therefore, I’ll limit the updates to bite sized morsels (or at least my version of bite sized morsels).

This creature of beauty to the left is Andrea. This is her the morning before the wedding; she had just gotten her 1920’s inspired updo and makeup done. I don’t talk about her very much on my website because, after all, it is my website and I figure that most people aren’t keen on having someone prattle on endlessly about the ones they love. I assure you though, that just because I don’t prattle, doesn’t mean that I’m not proud of her. Andrea is a fantastic animator, a stylin’ fashionista, and damn well awesomer than I know how to properly put into words. I’m not exactly sure how I have the fortune of being one of those nerdy guys that somehow managed to find a blisteringly hot model (read animator) that agreed to marry me. But personally, I think this has to do with the small things, like trying to share in things she likes, and being totally awesome at video games. It may also help that I am super.

We had our ceremony (and reception) on the 17th of May, at The Old Mill in Toronto. It’s a beautiful location near the Humber River, and we were surprised at just how nice it was. We had obviously scoped out the place before the ceremony, however only in the winter. The view is purty in the spring with trees all in bloom. The weather forecast was pretty iffy all week leading up to the ceremony, but it ended up being a super clear and bright day. My eyes were squinty, natural light does that to them, however you really couldn’t have asked for better. Ok, well… I say that knowing full well that the girls in the wedding party were freezing their updos off while we were having our pictures done… but us guys… we had jackets. (Note that despite whatever the girls might say, Toronto was nothing like that video on the day in question…) At any rate, we giddily await our opportunity to pick up photos from the man with the plan (read photographer). Any of the photos that we have at the moment are compliments of the cameras of friends and family. The three that you’ve seen so far are all from Andrea’s step-dad, Andrew. And with that, I shall bombard you with MOAR PICTURES!!

Baby photos of the twos of us, and the awesome cake that Andrea’s mom, Cathy, made for us (with a broken arm!).

Andrea captured with a disposable camera, and the two of us at the head table.

Best man: Spence w/ Meika. Tristan, myself (at an anime convention?!) and the Maid of Honor: Karen.

Awesome man: Jeff on the left, and the coolest cats in town on the right: Berdene and Richard.

We’ve got KT from the bridal party with Gerry on the left, and Natasha and Keith from the cool zone on the right.

Finally, there’s Elaine and Lucia who were two of Andrea’s bridesmaids. Oh yeah, and the married couple again. Is that a lover’s quarrel already?! Nope. Air guitar (read class).

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