Allegro Digital 5.0 is (Officially) Live!

After a few years, it was finally time to do some redesign to the website :)

Hi again! If you’ve been trying to visit in the past few days, you may have had the (mis)fortune of watching me tinker with the website! That’s right dawg, I’ve was workin’ mah magic on this website of mine while it was live. Dangerous!

In recent memory, I’d been working on an indie game project with a little company I helped set up called Sprixelsoft. Unfortunately, independent development isn’t for everyone, and unfortunately it ended up not being for my partner. We decided to wrap things up earlier than I would have preferred, but later than we should have and so as you may already be aware, Super Hematoma is shelved.

I’ve wanted to start updating my blog for a little while now, but unfortunately the last install I did back in …. 2011 or something had some corruption in it that made updates exceptionally unfun to create. A wee problem with UTF-8 encoding or something… so I decided that if I was going to start making updates again something had to get fixed.

Now that I’ve got Allegro Digital whipped back into shape, I’m ready to dive into a new indie game project that I’ve been toying around with since the beginning of the year. Well… maybe “dive” is a bit of a bit aggressive of a word. I’m currently in Scotland for the rest of the month so I plan on doing a little more sight seeing while I’m here. But in the meantime, I’m getting up to speed with Adventure Game Studio.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows that I’ve been learning Unity this year; but without getting into the concept too much at this point, the more that I mull over this game concept of mine, the more I think it’s suited to a text parsing adventure game type of treatment. AGS seems perfectly suited to what I’ve got in mind… and as this time I’m planning on doing things as a one person team, I think that it’s especially important that I try to make the process as easy on myself as possible.

Speaking of making things easy on myself. One thing that I found with blog updates over at Sprixelsoft is that I was spending a lot of time researching news stories each week trying to find something to blog about just for the sake of making regular updates. I think I’m going to be a little less concerned with that sort of thing this time around. I’ll be making frequent updates but I expect that most of them will be of a more personal nature. I’ll likely also frequently favour a quick video update over long writing exercises.

I’ve already got several video updates taken over the past month that are just itching to be watched, so let’s get this ball rolling!